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AC-DC Let There Be Rock LP

To honor the mighty, unconquerable, undisputed kings of hard rock and what is most certainly their final full length original work set to release soon, I’ve decided to revive Heavy Metal Messenger with a series of reviews of my AC/DC collection and to share some AC/DC related experiences from my 45 years as a hard rock fanatic.

Part one follows:

But first, here’s the link to their latest and greatest:

As a long time fan of hard rock and heavy metal music I’m a bit loathe to admit that I’ve never owned this molten hard rock classic in any form until a few years ago. I’m even more loathe to admit that there are several songs on this disc I’d never heard before.

I know, shameful.

The flip side to never hearing “Let There Be Rock,” in it’s entirety is even after forty years as a HUGE fan of AC/DC and a hardcore hard rock junkie I got to get excited about new AC/DC tunes. New to me at least. In a form that speaks to my soul. Vinyl, LP, 33 1/3, a record.

I want to thank my kick-ass son Eric for once again sending me a fantastic gift for Father’s Day. He does the same for my birthdays and Christmas. You ROCK sonnyboy.

This album began the slow steady climb for AC/DC to the top of the hard rock heap around the world. Although their previous disc “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap,” was supposed to be their first international release it never made it to the U.S. as Atlantic Records refused to release it citing they were unhappy with it’s production and vocals making “Let There Be Rock,” be the introduction of all new material by Bon and the gang to America’s fans. 1976’s “High Voltage,” was really a compilation of their first two Australian releases “High Voltage,” and “T.N.T,”and although they were huge in Australia by the time “Let There Be Rock,” hit the streets over 43 years ago in the U.S (June 23, 1977) they were unknown to the masses. “Let There Be Rock,” began to change that.

Now I understand why. This album is a sonic and musical step forward for AC/DC and includes longtime classic cuts “Let There Be Rock,” “Problem Child,” “Hell Ain’t a Bad Place To Be,” “Whole Lotta Rosie,” and four more tunes of pure rock ‘n’ roll heaven.

Lead off track “Go Down,” announces that sex and rock ‘n’ roll are part and parcel of what AC/DC is about with a chugging, pulsing riff that is quite simply joyous to my hard rock ears.

Track two, “Dog Eat Dog,” is a foot stomping good time and one of my favorite tunes on this long player. The sound of a remastered 180G vinyl is the sound of my youth. Cracklin’ good! A great straight on rocker that AC/DC does better than anyone ever.

The first “classic,” song on this a masterpiece of hard rock, “Let There Be Rock.” The rolling and rocking tribute to the creation of rock ‘n’ roll and that it can save a poor boys life and soul is just brilliant.   

The fourth and final track on Side One is another fave of mine that I had never heard until ole sonnyboy Burton sent me this disc. I simply am wearing it out. The breakdown before Angus’ solo just makes me hap, hap, happy. 

Side Two kicks off with the original American release of another “Bon”-a-Fide autobiographical classic from the boys, “Problem Child.” Followed by a GREAT deep track that most hard rockers, except the most dedicated AC/DC fans have never heard, “Overdose.” So raw, so real, so live in the studio you can almost smell the sweat, beer, and cigarette smoke coming off the record. I nearly overdosed on the atmosphere.

The last two songs are AC/DC and hard rock staples that keep getting better with age, now over 43 years old having been released in Australia in March of 1977 and America in June 1977. “Hell Ain’t a Bad Place to Be,” and “Whole Lotta Rosie,” finish off this hard rock classic and announce to the world that AC/DC is about to take over the world as the premiere hard rock band of the next decade.

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