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Back in the summer of 1976 I was 10 years old, still nearly half a year from turning 11. I had just begun my long journey into hard rock and heavy metal music through the discovery of KISS Destroyer followed shortly by RUSH 2112. I found KISS`Destroyer thanks to the neighbor across the street, Jimmy Gavin and his portable eight-track player blasting Detroit Rock City from his front porch.

Another neighbor is to thank for my discovery of RUSH.

Our next door neighbor to be precise. I remember it vividly. I walked out the back door, down the steps to the backyard and over to the octagonal metal clothesline that were all the rage back in those days. Standing just on our side of the backyard (we lived in a duplex then) was this neighbor guy, I’m guessing in his early twenties, wearing this super cool t-shirt. I asked him what it was. He said RUSH was his favorite band and they had this incredible new album, 2112, and the t-shirt was the album cover design.

I asked if he had the album. He did.

We listened.

It sounded magical, alien, mysterious, and unlike anything I had ever heard. I was used to Donny and Marie, Charlie Rich, and Hee Haw in my household. I was absolutely enthralled. Even though most of the lyrics were way over my ten year old head I was a RUSH fan from that fateful afternoon on.

I became an even bigger fan over the years and MOVING PICTURES in my opinion was the pinnacle of their creative success. PERMANENT WAVES another masterwork is another favorite and a must have for any serious hard rock fan.

You can add CLOCKWORK ANGELS to the list of must have RUSH albums for serious collectors. CLOCKWORK ANGELS is a remarkable return to the form of 2112, PERMANENT WAVES, and MOVING PICTURES. While not as groundbreaking as their earlier works there are some damn impressive moments here, among them the rollicking and masterful HEADLONG FLIGHT, the disc ending THE GARDEN, and my favorite track in these early listenings, THE ANARCHIST.

CLOCKWORK ANGELS is RUSH’s twentieth studio album and released on June 12, 2012. It follows the narrative of a young boy as he becomes a young man, a man, and an adventurer, a seeker, a searcher of the truth and the conclusions he reaches when the seeking and adventuring are waning.

This is musical storytelling that only RUSH can do this well. The musicianship is as good as anything they’ve ever done and the lyrical content that Neil Peart lays out is intriguing, intelligent, and inspiring.

I can’t recommend this album enough. If you’ve ever spent any quality time being influenced by the music of the almighty RUSH it’s time to come back and do it again.

CLOCKWORK ANGELS sits at the top of my list for albums of the year now and I can’t wait to listen again! I think you’ll feel the same way listen after listen and for a long time to come.



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