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LED ZEPPELIN II Turns 51 Today 10/22/2020

This album has long been my favorite Led Zeppelin disc. Every once in a while I debate myself regarding the best/my favorite Led Zeppelin album but whenever I go back, like today, and listen to LED ZEPPELIN II, it quickly regains it’s status as my go to Zep. Second on that list, PHYSICAL GRAFFITTI.

While the mighty Zep did a lot of growing and changing over the next few albums I believe this set of songs sets precedent for all things to come. Listen to “Thank You,” and it’s all there about to stretch and expand into works like “Stairway to Heaven,” and “Kashmir.” Opening track, “Whole Lotta Love,” just blasts out of the speakers like a fighter jet breaking the sound barrier. Heralding a heavier, more confident, powerhouse band that has honed it’s chops on the road and become master musicians.

Rather than do a track by track rundown of this hard rock masterpiece I’d rather just say this record/disc is an essential part of the hard rock canon and deserving of a place in any rock ‘n’ rollers’ collection.

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