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AEROSMITH guitarist Joe Perry spoke to about the status of the recording sessions for the band’s new album, tentatively due in September.

“It’s really close,” Perry said. “We’ve started to mix. We’ve mixed a couple of the songs already, but I guess this week we’re really kind of rolling into mix mode. We have a couple of tracks left to finish up, just to put some overdubs on, but we’re kind of going from the final, final recording tracks to mixing this week.”

He added, “I’ve been wanting this record to come out for years, but there’s a reason for everything and the timing for this is just right. The pressure for this to be what everyone hopes it’s going to be is enormous and I’m starting to feel a little bit of that heat. We’ve talked about doing a new record and it’s kind of like the boy crying wolf the last bunch of years…I just have to wipe out all the expectations that everybody has because we’ve always done every record on its own, taking its own place, not looking at it in the context of the last record or the next record or whatever is going on in the world or whatever. It’s just about getting in and trying to do what we do best and that’s it. I’m definitely feeling some of that weight. It’s really about keeping the doors locked and finishing this up without letting any of that get to us.”

With regards to the musical direction of the new material and how it compares to the last album, “Just Push Play”, Perry said, “Let’s say they’re polar opposites. The whole attitude of making this record and the way that we went about it is so opposite. I mean, the band stayed in the room and everybody had riffs, songs. I can remember writing some of the riffs 20 years ago; they’ve been kind of bubbling under. Steven [Tyler, vocals] and I would look at each other and go, ‘We gotta use that one,’ and they’d always end up somewhere. A lot of these riffs that we love, that are really part of our inner Aerosmith lexicon, are now songs, finally. So the whole process was different. The record’s gonna sound modern and hi-fi. We’re not sitting around going, ‘We’re gonna do ‘Night In The Ruts’ again or ‘Rocks’ again.’ We want to make a modern-sounding record, but the main thing is the energy that the early records had.”

Perry also revealed that AEROSMITH will appear on “American Idol”‘s May 23 season finale to perform their new single.

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