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I first heard of the man who sings the lead vocals on this much underrated and underappreciated album, Lee Ving, when I read the posthumously written John Belushi biography Wired: The Short Life and Fast Times of John Belushi . John was a big fan of the band punk band FEAR, which Lee Ving founded and sang lead vocals for. John was such a fan that he insisted that for him to return to Saturday Night Live for one night and two skits that FEAR had to be booked that night.

Move ahead to 1996 and one of my favorite all-time metallers (Dave Mustaine) forms a band with Lee Ving, drummer Jimmy DeGrasso (Suicidal Tendencies), and bassist Kelly LeMieux. Their one and only release MD.45 The Craving, came out on July 26, 1996 and rocked my world.

MD .45 The Craving is one of my favorite works from Mr. Mustaine and definitely my favorite punk metal album ever. It’s high speed, hardcore, heavy, with buzzsaw vocals, scorching anti-establishment lyrics, and excellent performances form the entire band. Designer Behavior is inspired genius and the closing track Roadman is high speed heaven.

If you are looking for an unheard of metal masterpiece to WOW your friends with, MD .45 The Craving is a strong contender.


Hear a gem here: MD . 45’s Designer Behavior

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