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I’ve been a BIG Scorpions fan ever since I first heard Blackout back in ’82.  I couldn’t get enough of that album back then and I couldn’t get enough of  Sting in the Tail last spring. Sting in the Tail is a refreshing blast of hard rock glory. I spent all of last March and into June with Sting in the Tail in one CD player or another as it traveled everywhere I went. I’m sure my neighbhors can probably sing along to a lot of the tunes on this disc because I blasted this album over and over in my garage with the door flung wide open.

From the rousing opening of “Raised on Rock,” to the powerful closing number “The Best is Yet to Come,” the Scorps prove they still have the chops to knock your block off and make you sing along while they do it. The standout tracks and sure to be Scorpions classics are: “Sting in the Tail,” “Slave Me,” and “The Best is Yet to Come.”

If this is what Farewell/Retirement/So long/Sayonara Tours do for a band’s creativity then we have quite the masterpiece to look forward to from Judas Priest.  One of my favorite albums from last year and a surefire way to get people singing along while headbanging.

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