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This CD has more head snapping riffs per song than any album I’ve heard in years. Overkill is “ON” every moment of this album. They create some of the best new thrash riffs since the glory days of Metallica and Megadeth, while giving a nod to those metal masters and stepping out of their shadows and into their own masterpiece. If you’ve paid little or no attention to this band over the years now is the time to get on board and get yourself Ironbound! I CANNOT get enough of this album even after six months of it being perpetually spinning in slot two of my CD player!

Every track has multiple killer riffs and changes with the rythm section absolutely tearing it up! Lead singer Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth sounds better than ever and the subject matter is pure metal. Socially, politically, and musically the most relevant metal music of the year and my metal album of the year. In one word: BUY!


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