I am a relative newcomer to the Seether bandwagon having only discovered these guys last year thanks to my brother in metal and real life brother Jerry. He’s been a fan since he discovered their 2005 release, Karma and Effect and a song he loves Remedy. Turns out I was a fan of that song but just didn’t pay a heck of a lot of attention to Seether back then. Remedy and Broken were the only songs I was familiar with until Brother Jerry gave me a copy of Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces to listen to.

LOVE FINDING BEAUTY IN NEGATIVE SPACES and have become a big fan of Seether. Such a fan that I bought HOLDING ONTO STRINGS BETTER LEFT TO FRAY without hearing one note from it. I NEVER! do that.

I am not disappointed by the tunes wafting thru my head. In my opinion SEETHER is the pre-eminent alternative/metal band on the planet right now and maybe have been since 2005. I’ll be investigating the back catalog now.

HOLDING ONTO STRINGS BETTER LEFT TO FRAY has four great songs: 1. No Resolution…2. Country Song…3. .Down….and 4. Master of Disaster no, make that five great songs. Add Desire for Need to the great songs on this disc.

and eight (no seven) near great tunes. In short, not a dud in the bunch. You’ll be able to listen to this album over and over and over and over and over…..well so much for being short but you get the drift.

This new Seether release becomes a candidate for my Top Ten list of 2011 along with great discs from the Foo Fighters, Children of Bodom, Nazareth, Anvil and The Rods.

Add this trio’s work to your must listen to list of 2011.

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