RETRO-REPLAY is a new feature suggested by my talented and creative brother-in-metal and my son, Eric. Thanks man! You rock.

RETRO-REPLAY will be a regular feature that will seek to spread the message thru hard rock and heavy metal music of past songs and albums that were important to the foundation of hard rock and heavy metal. Past songs and albums that may have been forgotten or just need to be passed along to the younger or just plain unaware generation.

So, without further doo-doo…..

The first heavy metal song ever? Maybe? In most learned heavy metal opinions it is. I tend to agree without any clear cut contender to the throne.

So, for those of you who have never heard this song. Shame on you if you are over 30! For those of you under 30, it’s time you heard the seed, the origin, the pre-Sabbath crunch that morphed into what we now call Heavy Metal.

It’s part of the MESSAGE.

Here is the full 17 minute opus:


For added fun, what was the lead singer singing? He was so blitzed while recording this that he mumbled and stumbled his way through so badly they changed the name of the song. What was the original title?

Put your answer in the comments section. You could be the first winner of the very first ever Heavy Metal Messenger Merchandise!

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