Accept – Blood of Nations

I briefly was into Accept in the mid-80’s during the Metal Heart and Balls to the Wall days. I would occasionally check in on them when they had something new to listen to but I kept hearing such a buzz about the return of Accept after 14 years away from the biz that I just had to get a copy of this (yeah, i spend my own dockets for all reviewed cd’s) and man am I glad I did. New lead singer Mark Tornillo sounds fantastic and puts on a clinic of metal vocalizing. Good stuff Mark!! The rest of the grizzled Germans lay down some mighty fantastic music for Jersey’s Tornillo to showcase his talents. Everyone rises to the occasion on this album.

One listen to “No Shelter” and you’ll understand.

This disc comes in at number two on my year end best of list and nearly knocked off the number one, Overkill’s masterwork : Ironbound. Blood of Nations is one of the most metal albums I’ve heard in a loooong time. Along with “No Shelter,” there are eleven other ragers, (twelve if you’re lucky enough to find the disc with the bonus track.)

Standouts tracks are “Teutonic Terror,” “Blood of Nations,” and the amazing “Bucketful of Hate.”

You’ll be doing your metal heart a great disservice if you skip this disc!

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