About Me

This is Me and My Thin Lizzy Black Rose Tattoo.
It represents my broken, bleeding heart from my first marriage. It also represents my self inclusion in the hard rock and metal community.
I’ve been a fan of hard rock and heavy metal since I first heard the strange sounds coming from across the street when I was about 11 years old.
My friend from across the street, Jimmy Gavin, was playing this incredible music like nothing I had ever heard before. He had his little red portable 8-Track player cranked and I had to go see what he was listening to.
I sprinted down the stairs, out the front door, and across the street and said, no yelled, “Hey Jimmy what are you listening to?”
He stood up, pulled out the 8-Track and showed me the front of it and said, “KISS man.” He reached over, popped the 8-track of Destroyer back in the player and we proceeded to ROCK away our summer afternoon.
I haven’t been the same since.
Thank God!



Why this blog?

For the Love of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Music!  and………….

I believe great music is meant to be shared over and over and over again. So, one of the great joys in my life is to share the music I love with the people I love. Friends, family, fellow music lovers, the wife. Whomever loves music, whomever may learn to love metal and hard rock, whomever appreciates true talent, hard work , grit and those who’ve paid their dues in order to become successful. I believe heavy metal and hard rock music is rooted in that ethic.

One of the first ways great new music and artists were shared with me other than the once great WCMF-FM in Rochester, NY was and still is best of lists. As a decades long metal fan I’ve always loved best of lists of metal and hard rock artists. Whether it was Guitarist of the Year in Guitar Magazine or one of a myriad of lists that Metal Edge magazine did so freakin’ well for all the glory years of metal in the 80’s and early 90’s. Nowadays, like most metal fans out there I’ve learned to use the web to find out what new albums are out there, what some of my favorite bands are up to and what’s new in the world of hard rock and metal. I also look for hard rock and heavy metal websites and blogs that inform and entertain me.

This site is going to be a way for me to connect my passion for metal and hard rock music with others and maybe pass along some knowledge but more importantly share some great music that has gotten lost along the way. Discover some great new music that deserves to be heard and rediscover classic riffs that may be forgotten.

Oh and to have a shitload of fun too!


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