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FAITH NO MORE – THE REAL THING (essential metal)

Everything I wrote about Faith No More’s “The Real Thing,” over five years ago still holds true. Give it a read. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to discover or maybe re-discover this joyful masterpiece.

Heavy Metal Messenger & Deano




…Or “Epic?”

I vote for “Epic.”

It’s been a couple years since I’d given FAITH NO MORE  any thought or ear time. A few weeks ago I pulled out the original cassette I bought while serving overseas during the Gulf War in 1991.

Yeah, I still listen to cassettes. I have a rather massive collection of some rare and under appreciated bands on cassette and it is a pure joy to rediscover them every once in a while. FAITH NO MORE’S The Real Thing is one that sits near the top of my list of rediscoveries and lately I can’t hear enough of it.

Interesting aside, the title of the cassette I bought is FAITH NO MORE From Out of Nowhere….check it out! I guess the folks in Bahrain didn’t like the title The Real Thing. Changing the title probably helped them get away with bootlegging this…

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