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I’ve been a fan of Lynch Mob for a long time now. They’ve had their ups, “Wicked Sensation,” their downs, everything following “Lynch Mob,” and have re-emerged as a naturally more mature and fluid outfit that kicks some serious ass.

The leadoff track is a good start but the weakest track on the disc. Lynch Mob only picks ups steam from here and delivers one of the best work of their careers.

Their previous effort, the very good four song EP, “Sound Mountain Sessions,” was a harbinger of things to come but just a glimpse. REBEL is just plain next level.

lynch mob live

Automatic Fix: Killer guitar work. Solid rhythm section. Cool, crunchy riffs. Mid-heavy bass drum. Steady bass, tight and low. Soulful lead vocals with a touch of attitude. Gets a 7.

Between the Truth and a Lie: A lil’ heavy, a bit groovy. Classic Lynch Mob sound circa the Wicked Sensation album. Nice riff followed by a swaggering, sweaty guitar solo that gets a bit angry at the end. Sweet. Gets a 7.5.

Testify: Lowdown and dirty. Killer, powerful, spiritual lyrics and a great performance from Oni Logan. Jeff Pilson finds a low, mean groove that rides along just behind Brian Tichy’s enticing drum work. Then BAM! George gets even lower and meaner. This kick-ass tune gets an 8.5.

Listen for yourself:

4. Sanctuary: Oh my…what a heart pounding, mind melding riff this song has. A great background vocal carries the song to a higher plane. The bridge is perfect and segues into a brilliant solo by George Lynch. Gets a 9.

5. Pine Tree Avenue: Great party song for all you long time headbangers! Funky, funky stuff from Mr. Pilson, Mr. Tichy, and Mr. Lynch. Mr. Logan shakes it down pretty good too. Very tasty clean, beautifully raucous solo from George. Gets an 8.

6. Jelly Roll: Rock and roll sleaze with style and class. Well done gentlemen. Makes me wanna shake my booty. Gets an 8.

7. Dirty Money: Down in the streets greasy grimy, slimy rock ‘n’ roll hard rock with a hard swagger. Another great rock song. Gets a 9.

8. The Hollow Queen: May be the heaviest song George Lynch has ever recorded. Kudos Lynch Mob. A one-of-a-kind song and maybe my favorite song on the album. Haunting, heavy, beautiful throughout.  Gets a 9.5.

9. The Ledge: A pleading prayer for love and life sent to a friend in need. Gorgeous solo from Mr. Lynch. Gets a 7.

10. Kingdom of Slaves: Angry riff that morphs into a mournful, rebellious tune with some serious soul. George pulls off one of the best solos he’s ever done. A solo for the ages. Gets a 9.

11. War: Pulsating propulsion from Tichy and Pilson. Lynch lays down some guitar work that moves just above the Tichy/Pilson work that leads to a high harmonizing bridge followed by a blistering solo from Lynch. Oni delivers a powerful performance and raises the song from powerful jam to epic creation. Gets a 9.5.

OVERALL SCORE: 91 (Scale of 1 to 110)

ALBUM RATING: 8.2 (Scale of 1 to 10)



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