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In case you missed any of these find hard rock and metal albums from 2011. 13 quality releases to choose from.

Heavy Metal Messenger & Deano

The Best Heavy Metal Site Ever!

Normally I would do what everyone else does, a Top Ten List. But 2011’s slate of releases was so filled with great hard rock and heavy metal that I couldn’t stop at Ten Best. In honor of the mighty MEGADETH and Mr. Mustaine’s 2011 thrash classic release THIRTEEN, I have made this year’s list a Top Thirteen that I will be counting down to in two volumes.

VOLUME 1 will follow tomorrow.

I am very excited to share with you some new bands, a lot of returning bands, a couple “supergroups”, and THE BEST of the hard rock and heavy metal I heard in 2011.

Here is VOLUME 2:



Cruisin’ music man/woman!

Put your metal to the pedal beginning with the first lick of the first track , Life Moves On to the closing track Darker Side of Sunshine and don’t let up because 9 CHAMBERSdoesn’t.

Stoner rock…

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