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Adrenaline Mob Coverta cover

In my opinion, with this covers album, the answer is a HELL YES! ADRENALINE MOB’S Coverta is that fuckin good!

It’s the best collection of hard rock and metal this poor soul has heard all of 2013. Granted, it has been a rather dreary, drabby list of releases so far this year but this disc is kickin’ my ever lovin’ metal ass!

Every song is drop dead on and Adrenaline Mobbed. I cannot believe how good this EP is. They took on some of the most difficult, impressive and iconic songs in hard rock and heavy metal history and made them their own byadding a massive, magical, powerful Adrenaline Mob edge to them. The musical talent of these four mothers is astounding.

Absolutely brilliant!

It’s as if Ronnie James Dio, Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen, Geddy Lee and Ginger Baker formed a band in 2013.

The most impressive performances are by singer Russell Allen and guitar maestro Mike Orlando. I am blown away by Russell Allen’s ability to sing such a range of songs in a such a wide range of styles. Kudos Mr. Allen, you have become one of my favorite singers on the planet.

Sir Mike Orlando, massive kudos to you. In my humble opinion as a lifelong hard rock and metal fanatic you are the best guitarist on the planet right now. Simply shred-tastic work!

As you probably already know, the best drummer on the planet (other than the still mighty Neil Peart,) Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater founder and leader for 25 years) is the pacesetter in ADRENALINE MOB. Mr. Portnoy matches the brilliance of his band mates with power and passion. Kudos to you too!

Lastly, on the bass, is Disturbed bass man, John Moyer. His work is no less impressive than Mr. Allen, Mr. Orlando, and Mr. Portnoy’s. For him to be able to more than hold his own with these dudes is nothing more than career defining.

I avoid nearly all covers albums by anyone and everyone because I’d rather hear new music by great musicians than what usually are uninspired and lukewarm rehashes of songs that are tired and trampled by classic and hard rock radio already.

I am so thankful that I kept an open mind about this covers disc. It’s my first “must-have,” of 2013.

Decide for yourself. Listen to this:

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