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Black Sabbath In Studio

Black Sabbath‘s upcoming album ’13′ has finally been given a solid release date! The highly anticipated record will be unleashed on June 11. Sabbath have also launched a pre-order campaign for ’13,’ offering everything from a simple CD to a ‘Super Deluxe Box Set.’

’13′ was originally meant to feature the classic lineup of Black Sabbath (Ozzy OsbourneTony Iommi,Geezer Butler and Bill Ward), but due to a contract squabble involving Ward, the iconic drummer dropped outof the Sabbath reunion. In his place, Rage Against the Machine stickman Brad Wilk manned the skins on the forthcoming album.

Guitarist Tony Iommi’s cancer diagnosis also threw a wrench in the works for Black Sabbath’s 2012 world tour plans, but the master of the riff heroically pressed on, constantly writing and recording new material throughout his ongoing recovery process. Thankfully, any doubts harbored by Sabbath fans have been squashed now that ’13′ has an official release date of June 11.

As a Black Sabbath fanatic down to your bones, you may have trouble deciding which pre-order offer to dedicate your money towards, but fear not, here’s a breakdown of the goodies Sabbath have made available. If just pre-ordering a CD isn’t enough for your Sabbath fix, the band is also offering a double CD in a deluxe soft pack, which contains an extra album of exclusive bonus audio. ’13′ will also be printed on 12″ heavyweight (180g) vinyl in a gatefold sleeve.

Finally, for the hardcore fans, there’s the Super Deluxe Box Set containing the double CD and vinyl pressings of ’13,’ along with an exclusive DVD of the documentary ‘Black Sabbath – The Re-union,’ plus five behind-the-scenes videos, a download card containing exclusive track-by-track interviews with the band, 13 exclusive photographic prints and hand-written album lyrics by members of the band.

Black Sabbath have also unveiled a new three-minute video of producer Rick Rubin in the studio with Sabbath. In the clip, Rubin directs Black Sabbath through recording their new material, which is showcased in bits and pieces throughout the video. Although we only get a few seconds to peek into what has become ’13,’ the sound presented is quintessentially Black Sabbath.

Check out Black Sabbath’s new studio footage in the player below, and to pre-order ’13,’ head on over to Sabbath’s official website.



June is going to be a massive month for metal! Not only will Black Sabbath be unleashing their new album, ’13,’ but Megadeth are also set to reveal their 14th studio effort, ‘Super Collider.’ And just like Sabbath recently laid down the final tracks for their next album, Megadeth just announced to the world that recording for ‘Super Collider’ is completed!

Megadeth went straight to their Facebook page shortly after the final touches for ‘Super Collider’ were put to tape in Vic’s Garage, with the band revealing that frontman Dave Mustaine sang the last note for the record on March 13. ‘Super Collider’ will now be mixed, mastered and prepped for a June release.

Frontman Dave Mustaine is well-known for his controversial theories, but in an interesting recognition of patterns, the frontman noticed some intriguing coincidences regarding ‘Super Collider’ and its completion. The thrash legend posts on Twitter:


More 13 weirdness…we finished the record on 31313. 13 of 14 songs used; song 13 left off. It was 13 years since we tracked Silent Scorn.

It’s a conspiracy! Just kidding … but those numbers do align in a pretty spectacular way, especially due to the fact that Megadeth’s 13th studio album boasts the title ‘TH1RT3EN,’ and as mentioned earlier, Black Sabbath will release the album ’13′ in the same month as ‘Super Collider.’ Also, the significance of ‘Silent Scorn’ revolves around horn player Bob Findlay and his contribution to the track. Thirteen years after tracking ‘Silent Scorn,’ Findlay returned to work with Megadeth once again for the new song ‘A House Divided,’ which will be housed within ‘Super Collider.’

‘Super Collider’ will be the first Megadeth release put out on Dave Mustaine’s new label, Tradecraft, with an assist from Universal Music. “We have worked with some great people over the years, and it is amazing to see so many of them on the Universal team for our new record, ‘Super Collider,’” says Mustaine. “If Megadeth being here isn’t satiating enough, having Tradecraft as my own label is going to be really amazing for metal bands around the world.”

Keep your ears open for new Megadeth material and get ready for the release of ‘Super Collider’ this June!

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