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What a discovery! I LOVE this new band. This is DEAD SARA‘S debut album and is one of the best debut’s I’ve heard in years. I just can’t get enough of DEAD SARA.

Featuring the sometimes haunting, sometimes enchanting, sometimes angry, sometimes downright gnarly vocals of the incredibly talented Emily Armstrong, DEAD SARA is a band you need to hear.

Guitarist Siouxsie Medley is mighty impressive too. Her work is at times reminiscent of everyone from Mike Campbell to Kurt Cobain to any number of hard rock and classic rock masters.

The rhythm section of Sean Friday and Chris Null are tight, loud, and play with a power that hits you right in the chest.

Even with all that, the best part of DEAD SARA as with any great album, are the songs. Weatherman is flat out fantastic. Sorry For It All is moving and beautiful and my favorite track I Said You Were Lucky oozes attitude and independence.

Monster guitar riffs, wailing vocals, and a kick ass driving bass player and drummer combined with diverse songs that range from bluesy to classic rock sounding to hard rock, folk and metal makes DEAD SARA my debut album of the year so far.



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