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paul stanley says “people overestimate Gene Simmons role in KISS.”

Yes, Gene Simmons does share vocal duties with Paul Stanley in Kiss, but Paul feels that he may get a little overlooked from time to time due to the presence that is Simmons.

The Anything Kiss blog (via Bang Showbiz) reports that Stanley says that he and Simmons are on equal ground when it comes to the band duties. When asked if he or any of the other members get jealous of the attention paid to Simmons, Stanley explains, “He gets attention for reasons that have nothing to do with what I do. It’s not a slight, but I’m busy living life, not creating a life for television.”

Referring to Simmons’ ‘Family Jewels’ reality series, Stanley continued, “There is no such thing as reality television. There’s reality and there’s television. I find it interesting though, when, because of those activities, some people have a sense of Gene’s role in the band being far greater than what it actually is. There’s a little transference because he somehow gets given a certain cache which is a little distorted. But so be it, my life is full and spectacular.”

Though Stanley says that he and Simmons are on equal footing within the band, the singer/guitarist has taken on producing duties for the group’s last record and their upcoming ‘Monster‘ disc. The album is expected Oct. 16.

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