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CHICKENFOOT vocalist Sammy Hagar has issued his latest blog:

“Redheads- I can’t tell you how excited I am that my Beach Bar Rum is finally coming to the mainland starting in the middle of February! After that, it’ll be picking up through March into other states and just keep your eye on for the latest news! And if you want to know when it’ll be available where you are, just go to and fill out a postcard if you don’t see your state yet.

Now I’ve just gotta give out some love for our European Foot Soldiers — a couple weeks ago the ‘Foot came down hard and we were feeling the love big time! Thanks for making our short run of shows there SOLD OUT and allowing us to continue to do what we do! We’ll be spotlighting a few cool fans photos and videos over on the Chickenfoot site so thanks for coming and sharing your memories with everyone.

I also want to thank all of the Redheads and Foot Soldiers for supporting us with our new single from the album – “Different Devil” is rising fast in the charts and the more you all call up your local radio stations and request it the faster it’ll go – let’s see what we can do together to share this music with as many people as we can! I love the hell out of that song!

Don’t think that I’m going to relax too much now that I’m back home – ha ha! – there is a lot of other stuff with the Beach Bar & Grill and some other things I can’t talk about yet that are soon to be revealed. Hope everyone else’s 2012 has started off as great as mine! Big fun coming up…”

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