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Hard Edged grooviness that makes ya’ wanna’ shake your booty. Shades of DEEP PURPLE, and GOV’T MULE. Air guitar boogie-ness and  Zeppelin-esque with a signature sound all their own,  every last note dripping with soul.

Vocalist Glenn Hughes DEEP PURPLE, BLACK SABBATH) is powerful and moving. Mr. Hughes work here is my favorite hard rock vocal performance of 2011.

Blues master guitarist and solo artist Joe Bonnamassa sounds magnificent here too. The sounds he lays down are bloody brilliant.

Hard rock drum king (oh, and the son of Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham) Jason Bonham (Blue Murder, Bonham, Jimmy Page, and Led Zeppelin for one whole day!) is playing better than I’ve ever heard him play. He’s got the heavy hard hitting right foot of his POPS and a little more shake in his rattle and roll than on anything else I’ve heard of his.

But the thing that really makes this album even better than last year’s debut is the work of Derek Sherinian (KISS, DREAM THEATER, BILLY IDOL, SLASH, ZAKK WYLDE). Mr. Sherinian is out front a lot more on this album and BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION 2 is all the better for it.

If you miss the hard rock of the 1970’s this is a must have.

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