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This, the very first, and in my opinion very best GOV’T MULE album is a triumph of serious magnitude.

Guitarist and vocalist Warren Haynes, of ALLMAN BROTHERS fame, bassist Allen Woody, no longer with us, and Matt Abts, drummer extraordainaire, composed the MULE on this album and formed one of the best power trios ever recorded. Not to mention the album cover, is that not one of the best ever?

I discovered DA’ MULE via a review I read in I believe either Rolling Stone or Metal Edge magazines, the two I most subscribed to back in the day.

Mind blowing stuff here. The raw power, the raw anger, the raw opinions are all pure rock and roll with the impressive volume and musicianship that is rare and almost never happens anymore. A debut disc that finds a band at their peak is the stuff of legends past and something that hasn’t happened since GUNS N ROSES Appetite for Destruction and this album from 1995.

It is that good!

GOV’T MULE is one of a very bands/artists I will see just about every time they tour my area. A fantastic live band still. They continue to put out new studio albums every year or two and are up to nine studio discs an EP and two live albums. Pretty stout resume in a 16 year career. Some bands have only managed one or two releases in the same span.

After the death of founding member and killer bassist ALLEN WOODY, in 2000, they regrouped with an amazing double disc with some of the greatest bass players on the planet playing in Allen’s place. Guys like Roger Glover, Jack Bruce, John Entwistle, Flea, Bootsy Collins, Jack Casady, Les Claypool, Phil Lesh, and Jason Newsted. That’s the kind of respect GOV’T MULE gets from legendary musicians.

They continue to create to this day.

Get this album in whichever format you like the best and prepare to be MULE-A-CIZED!

ONE OF  THE 12 GREAT TRACKS: 02 Mother Earth



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