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As I’ve stated on more than one occasion MEGADETH is one of my favorite bands of all-time. In fact, they are my favorite of the BIG FOUR thrash metal bands easily outpacing the biggest of the BIG FOUR, METALLICA on my list. While METALLICA gets the credit as the first thrash metal band and indeed are great and legendary, their music, beginning with the BLACK ALBUM has been too inconsistent and too non-thrash for me.

The first four METALLICA albums are brilliant, seminal, groundbreaking, earth shattering releases and I love them but the rest have fallen a bit flat and uninspiring for me.

MEGADETH has been strongly thrash (minus the mis-directed RISK) from KILLING IS MY BUSINESS…AND BUSINESS IS GOOD right through to this latest release.

MEGADETH’S musical output has been far more consistently good to great with only one dud (RISK) out of their twelve previous studio recordings and over 25 years of albums. Dave Mustaine’s anger, political and social commentary, and willingness to put himself out there as a target has earned much respect from this longtime fan.

THIRTEEN only deepens my love and respect for Mr. Mustaine and MEGADETH. From the opening salvo of SUDDEN DEATH to the closing reflective autobiographical THIRTEEN the band is K-I-L-L-I-N-G it…and it is G-O-O-D!

RUST IN PEACE remains my favorite MEGADETH album but THIRTEEN is a strong contender for the top works of MEGADETH’s career. Right up there with COUNTDOWN TO EXTINCTION, YOUTHANASIA, and PEACE SELLS..BUT WHO’S BUYING?

Tracks three, four and five make up one of the strongest trio of tunes I’ve heard on any disc all year long. GUNS, DRUGS & MONEY is one of my favorite MEGADETH tunes now. The triumvirate that closes out THIRTEEN is even stronger with the finale making an appropriate and impressive closing.

If you like some thought and emotion with your metal along with a headbanging good time THIRTEEN could be your lucky number.

This one fits squarely in my Top Ten albums of 2011.

Megadeth’s 13


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