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The Vampyr of conducted an interview with JUDAS PRIESTESS — the New York City-based all-girl JUDAS PRIEST tribute band — on July 2 in Cranston, Rhode Island. You can now watch the chat below. Also available is footage of the group’s August 13, 2011 performance at the House Of Guitars in Rochester, New York.

JUDAS PRIESTESS is band of hard-rocking chicks hell-bent on hitting stages across the USA and tearing up the classic headbangers of the undisputed masters of metal, JUDAS PRIEST.

Formed in July 2009, this spike-and-chain-clad group of loud and grinding heavy metal-lovin’ gals crashed head-on into the music scene a
scant four months after forming and have already begun to receive critical acclaim from the press.

In a recent interview with The Morning News, JUDAS PRIESTESS guitarist D. Mercedes stated about her band’s live performances, “The fans who show up want to get the music the way they know it. They also want to come to see if we can do it, if we can really play. Especially since we’re women. Men have more leeway.”

She added, “Many is the time that men will come up to us after the show and say, ‘We came here to laugh.’ They say, ‘We thought you would stink and this would be a goof.’ And then they say, ‘Wow, were we surprised.’

“We’re not upset or whatever playing in tribute bands. Far from it. We had a discussion recently, and came to the conclusion: Who’s the most important person in the entertainment industry? Lady Gaga — the ultimate tribute to Madonna! Hello?! Is that not the biggest tribute act on the planet? This lady has taken it to the stratosphere, but it’s still a tribute act.”

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