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SEBASTIAN BACH was recently asked about videos for his new solo release: “To be honest with you, the money we spent for the three videos we shot for Kicking & Screaming was less than the money for the catering truck on the ’18 And Life’ video. Those are 300,000-dollar videos.
Since there’s no TV stations, at least in America, that will play the videos, we’re very lucky to even be doing videos. But the technology is so advanced, the filming is all high def, and it looks really clear and cool. The Kicking & Screaming video is basically just video performance with us, and because I wrote the lyrics for my girlfriend, she’s in the video when the lyrics are talking about her. She makes the video look a lot prettier than just us three greasy
rockers! (Laughs) It’s just fun. I read online a comment like: “Why is he smiling?” Number one, nobody told me I couldn’t smile, and number two, I’m so
happy with the music and the way my girl looks, I’m smiling because I’m really happy! I’m like: “I love this song, I love the lyrics and I’m having fun”. To
me, that song is so heavy and cool that it makes me smile. This is f**king really cool, I really like it! I didn’t know you weren’t allowed to smile, I
didn’t know there was a rule against that!”

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