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God Bless Ozzy is moving, real, and at times raw.

It is an emotional history of John Osborne, mostly. A truthful tale of a talented and tormented man who seems to have defeated the worst of his demons just in the nick of time. It is at times a heavy story of John Osborne and his Mom and Dad, his brother and sisters, his Black Sabbath mates, and Randy Rhoads. Mostly it is the story of a man named John Osborne who became “Ozzy Osborne,” the “crazy” man who happened to find the one thing he was destined to do and did it better than anybody has ever done it.

The thing that struck me most throughout the film was the sheer honesty that permeates every moment. This film, although it’s Jack Osborne (Ozzy’s son) produced doesn’t sugar coat nor pull any punches. We learn the truth of John “Ozzy” Osborne, prison days and all.

You’ll learn some heavy metal history and hear some legendary backstage stories. You’ll see Sir Paul McCartney’s surprising take on Black Sabbath and Ozzy. You”ll hear how many other legends of rock and metal consider Sabbath and Ozzy the seed and the Heavy Metal originators but that is only a small part of this story.

It’s more a story of the life of John Osborne from his Birmingham roots to now. It’s about the man, not the myth.

Musical, genius, unstable, dangerous and highly recommended.




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