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Iconic rock group MÖTLEY CRÜE wrapped one of summer’s biggest rock tours as headliners and honorees for the Sunset Strip Music Festival
(SSMF) live on Sunset Boulevard this past Saturday night (August 20). The show, a combination of classic hit songs, massive pyro and fireworks displays, state-of-the-art sound and visual effects — including “The 360” drum coaster, with electronic music sensation deadmau5 joining Tommy Lee for a ride — rocked over 15,000 fans. It marked the largest crowd ever for the SSMF.

Hot off the heels of a spectacular summer tour, MÖTLEY CRÜE is giving back to their fans with a newly shot live video to “Kickstart My Heart”, one of the band’s biggest hits. The video, shot by videographer Bobby Hewitt, chronicles life on the road for the iconic rockers, and proves that after 30 years, the group’s music and lyrics have withstood the test of time. MÖTLEY CRÜE remain one of the most explosive and innovative live bands in existence.

MÖTLEY CRÜE issued the following statement to fans: “We documented the whole tour, top to bottom (the good, the bad and the ugly) and as we were looking through all the amazing footage, we thought how cool it would be to cut together a “best of visual” for the fans who made this tour happen. This one is just for the fans, from us.”

Check out the clip below.

MÖTLEY CRÜE‘s summer trek has landed the group on the Billboard “Hot Tours” chart six times so far since the tour launch, marking it as one of the legendary rock group’s most successful tours to date. The 48-city trek tour — which launched on June 24 and wrapped this past weekend — was one of the summer’s highest grossing, packing amphitheaters and arenas all summer long, drawing half a million fans.–221574289


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