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Jani Lane‘s older sister, Vicky Oswald-Ley, spoke to about her brother’s decade-long battle with alcoholism which led him in and out of numerous rehab facilities over the years.

“Alcoholism is not something he chose,” Vicky Oswald-Ley said. “It’s something he fought every day and it just won.”

“There were no drugs. That was one thing he could not tolerate, he couldn’t stand them. He did not do drugs.

“We don’t have the autopsy report back yet, but he was a heavy drinker and I can only guess that alcoholism has a lot to do with it.

“He would get clean and sober and then fall off the wagon. Our mom died seven years ago, and she was always the glue that kept us together. She would always talk him into going to rehab and hospitals. I think when she passed that desire to stay healthy died too.”

“He was so talented and witty and bright, but he shut his siblings out and I know that is because he was ashamed of his drinking. We would all have flown out to Los Angeles from Ohio to bring him back if he’d let us but he isolated himself.

“There wasn’t a day when one of us didn’t try to contact him.”

Vicky Oswald-Ley told that neither Lane‘s wife of a year, Kimberly, nor his manager have contacted the family since the singer’s body was found.

“It would be common courtesy to call,” she said. “We don’t even know if there’s a service.

“Why was he in a hotel? Why was he away from her (his wife)? Why was there isolation?” asked Vicky. “We have so many questions and don’t know where to turn for answers.”

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