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The reunited classic “Animosity” lineup of CORROSION OF CONFORMITYMike Dean (bass, vocals), Woody Weatherman and Reed
(drums) — has canceled its scheduled appearance tonight (Sunday, July 24) at Ground Zero in Traverse City, Michigan with CLUTCH. The group states, “We are still in Pittsburgh waiting for our drummer to be released from the hospital. We’re all wishing Reed a speedy recovery and hope we can resume the tour as soon as possible.”

(Note: CLUTCH‘s performance at Ground Zero in Traverse City is unaffected by CORROSION OF CONFORMITY‘s cancellation.)
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY previously canceled last night’s (Saturday, July 23) appearance at The Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan while Reed was “receiving medical attention” for an undisclosed ailment.

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY entered the studio  earlier in the year with longtime producer John Custer (1991’s  “Blind”, 1994’s “Deliverance”, 1996’s “Wiseblood”, 2000’s  “America’s Volume Dealer”, 2005’s “In The Arms Of God”) to begin  recording the band’s new album for a late 2011 release.

In a recent  interview with UGO, Dean stated about the forthcoming CD, “The title  is yet to be determined. A self-titled release crossed our minds but the album  title is a game-time decision. October is a good time but if we miss that, early  2012 would be a fine time for release. ‘The Moneychangers’, ‘River Of  Stone’ and ‘Rat City’ are some of the [song]titles [that will appear  on the CD].”

Speaking to Metal Kaoz, Dean described  CORROSION OF CONFORMITY‘s new material as “familiar but surprising. All  of the old influences are there — hardcore, three generations of heavy rock and  no rules as to how to combine them and make something new and creative.”


Daniel Bobis, drummer for the Long Beach, New York hardcore/metal/punk  band CIPHER (Facebook page), reportedly went missing Sunday morning in  Sumatra, Indonesia.

According to the Long Beach Patch, Bobis, who is also a teacher at Long  Beach High School and surf team coach, was surfing in the city of Damai in the  south of the Indonesian island when he disappeared.

Long Beach teacher  Jay Spitz told Long Beach Patch that he received word from  Bobis‘ wife, Rachel, that Daniel had gone missing in the
waters of south Sumatra 10 hours earlier. His board was located, but there was  no sign of Bobis. Spitz explained that the “rescue efforts are  horrible there” due to the remote nature of the area. He added that Rachel  Bobis, whom he has been in contact with, said that the local United States
Consulate has been no help thus far.

Read more from Long Beach Patch.

Watch this very high quality video of Megadeth in Toronto last night. If ya wanna that is.


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