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This may be the biggest metal news since Metallica’s return to metal with Death Magnetic. In all honesty I have always like Anthrax more than Metallica so I am super excited about their new disc and I love this new song! Hearing Joey Belladonna’s unique voice on a new Anthrax song sends chills up and down my spine. I am on listen number four and the more I hear, the more I like.

It sounds a lot like the Persistence of Time era(Maybe that’s cause Joey’s singin’?) but it has the edge of the best of the John Bush era, which I loved too.

The last John Bush era disc, We’ve Come for You All is one of the best metal releases in the past decade and in my opinion, a metal essential (see my 20 Essential Metal Albums for a review of We’ve Come for You All as well as all 20 Essentials…here is the link:

The last Joey Belladonna era release was 1990’s Persistence of Time, another Anthrax album I loved so if the entire new album, to be released September 13 via Megaforce Records is a combination of the two, we are in for a real treat.

Download your very own copy of the new song below and CRANK THAT SHIT UP TO 11!

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