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Krokus- Hoodoo – My first thought when I began hearing the rumblings of how good this album is: Krokus is still around? Who of us metalheads had heard anything about those guys in the last twenty years? I certainly had not but was very intrigued since my brother John had been a HUGE Krokus fan back in the days of Headhunter and The Blitz. We both were in high school cranked the shit out of those albums wearing out more than one cassette.  I thought Krokus were long gone.

Not long gone by a long shot. What a great album! From the first note to the last this CD is a blast. Marc Storace sounds the same as he did back in 1982 and ’83, the guitar riffs are driving and the songs are sweet, sweet rock and roll fun. With song titles like “Rock and Roll Handshake,” and “Eventide Clockworks,” how could they not be fun? Ya want a blast from the past and a new party album? Combine this with Ratt’s: Infestation, Black Country Communion’s debut disc and a big ole bonfire and you’ll party like it’s 1985!


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