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QUALITY VIDEO OF THE DAMNED THINGS MADISON SHOW, Slayer frontman hospitalized in Sydney but feeling much better, MICHAEL SWEET SAYS “IT’S GREAT” BLACKIE LAWLESS FOUND GOD, Adler’s Appetite song “ALIVE,” to be featured on Wind Tunnel with DaveDeSpain.

Quality video footage of THE DAMNED THINGS — the new band featuring members of FALL OUT BOY (Joe Trohman, Andy Hurley), ANTHRAX (Scott Ian, Rob Caggiano) and EVERY TIME I DIE (Keith Buckley, Josh Newton) — performing on February 3, 2011 at The Annex in Madison, Wisconsin can be viewed below.
“Ironiclast”, the debut album from THE DAMNED THINGS, sold 6,200 copies in the United States in its first week of release. The CD landed at position No. 1 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart, which lists the best-selling albums by new and developing artists, defined as those who have never appeared in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200.

“Ironiclast” was released in North America on December 14, 2010 (one day earlier internationally) via Island/Def Jam.

“It’s gratifying,” Trohman recently told MTV News about the fans’ reaction to the new group. “I love the band and love the record, and everybody else in the band loves the band and loves the record, and that’s, first and foremost, the most important thing to me. And we all have made music in the past partly for ourselves and partly for other people, so it’s nice to see people digging it whether they want to or not. … I’m actually happy to see that there’s people that really, really like it, or don’t like it, because of the fact that we’re able to invoke some sort of strong feeling. It’s a good thing, I think.”

“We’ve Got A Situation Here”, the first video from THE DAMNED THINGS, was written and directed by Brendon Small, the co-creator of Adult Swim‘s “Metalocalypse”.


Keith Buckley: Lead Vocals
Scott Ian: Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Rob Caggiano: Rhythm, Lead Guitar, Vocals
Joe Trohman: Rhythm, Lead Guitar, Vocals
Andy Hurley: Drums, Percussion
Josh Newton: Bass

SLAYER canceled its appearance at the Sydney, Australia stop of the Soundwave festival after the band’s bassist/vocalist Tom Araya was admitted to the hospital where he is being kept overnight.
Tom‘s wife, Sandra Araya (a registered BLABBERMOUTH.NET user who goes by the name “SATANSBITCH“), posted the following message on her Facebook page at around 5:00 p.m. EST today:

“SPOKE WITH TOM =) He’s feeling much better! it will be a few days before test results come back… That’s all I can say for now! whoo hoo!”

Araya underwent back surgery in early 2010 which forced the band off the road for a period of several months. He stated about the procedure in an interview, “I apparently had compressed discs on my neck which caused bone spurs. The compressed discs were causing compression on my nerves that was affecting my left side, and basically that was it. I was in Australia, and that’s when I… I mean it was severe pain. I had had a case of pain here and there, but this was non-stop. It got to a point where by the time I got to Japan, I hooked up with a doctor, and was able to make an appointment. As soon as I got home, I went and saw him. I had three discs that were compressed, and they removed them, and put a plate in.”

Regarding what the surgery itself entailed, Araya said, “It entailed them cutting a small little hole in my throat, moving everything to one side, clearing out cartilage in between the discs, putting bone spacers in there, and putting the plate in. That’s a two-to-two-and-a-half-hour procedure. Yeah, it was pretty serious. You could say I’m a true metalhead now, I guess (laughs).”

SLAYER is currently on the road without founding guitarist Jeff Hanneman, who underwent emergency surgery on his right arm late last month after contracting a serious infection, possibly caused by a spider bite. He is now recuperating at home and is expected to make a full recovery. He will return to the SLAYER lineup as soon as he has fully recovered.

Hanneman‘s temporary replacement for the Soundwave festival is Gary Holt from veteran San Francisco Bay Area thrashers EXODUS.

Ruben Mosqueda of Sleaze Roxx recently conducted an interview with guitarist/vocalist Michael Sweet of Christian hard rockers STRYPER. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Sleaze Roxx: You close [“The Covering”] album with the original track “God” and you mentioned that you wanted to show people that you can still rock. Is this a result of STRYPER trying to sound more contemporary with the last two albums, “Reborn” and “Murder By Pride”?

Michael Sweet: Not at all. I felt that it was important to have a new song that would be the boldest song that we’ve ever done in our career — both lyrically and musically. I wanted to solidify the fact that we are still completely serious about our faith, but at the same time serious about our fans. I think this is the kind of song that they’d like to hear. I know they want the harmony solos and the high screams that they’ve come to expect from a STRYPER metal song. I think that “God” is where STRYPER will be going in the future. The next album should be comprised of songs in the same vein as “God”. I think when we do that people are going to be very pleased with the outcome.

Sleaze Roxx: It’s interesting that you say that, because a number of your contemporaries don’t feel the same about recording new music. Dee Snider, who I spoke to a while back, insists that fans don’t want to hear new music by bands from your era. He doesn’t discriminate, as he included TWISTED SISTER with the rest of the bunch. So you’ve never been reluctant to record new material?

Michael Sweet: I agree to a point. When you go into your older material the audience’s energy rises. No disrespect to Dee and what he’s said but I think if you write some really good songs people will want to hear them. I think that it could be due in part to some of the bands from that era and genre that started releasing incomparable songs to the songs from the past. I’ve heard some of the newer material from some of those bands and I think to myself, “Wow you couldn’t have done better than that?!” Then there are bands that come out with gems like RATT. They came out with a great album, it’s phenomenal — it sounds awesome! Now if you produce that kind of stuff, that is every bit as good as your classic stuff, people will want to hear it. So, I don’t know that I agree with the statement that people don’t want to hear new material.

Sleaze Roxx: It’s interesting that [W.A.S.P. mainman] Blackie Lawless has become more spiritual throughout the years. I spoke to him about a year ago and he uses biblical references in his music and has stopped playing one of his signature and most controversial songs, “Animal”, in recent years. Some of his fans are giving him a hard time for pulling that song out of the set-list and it hasn’t been played in years.

Michael Sweet: It’s amazing how people can be sometimes. I think it’s great that the guy found God. Blackie chooses not to do the song because he feels convicted by doing the song. That’s a stand-up guy — that’s honorable. You don’t slap someone on the wrists because he’s honorable. It’s amazing how people are, just because he’s not doing that controversial song that made him famous the guy is now a jerk? I don’t understand it. A true fan wouldn’t do that, a true fan would respect and honor it. I support it and applaud it.

Read the entire interview from Sleaze Roxx.

ADLER’S APPETITE, the band led by former GUNS N’ ROSES drummer Steven Adler, has officially licensed the song “Alive” to be used on today’s (Sunday, February 27) episode of Speed TV‘s “Wind Tunnel with Dave Despain”.

Speed TV is a division of Fox Sports.

For more information and exact air times, go to this location.

A radio edit of “Alive” was released on July 29, 2010 in conjunction with Adler‘s tell-all autobiography, “My Appetite for Destruction: Sex, and Drugs, and Guns N’ Roses”.

ADLER’S APPETITE in December released two new singles — “Stardog” and “Fading” — via iTunes and other online music stores.

ADLER’S APPETITE entered the studio in November to begin recording its new album with CINDERELLA drummer Fred Coury producing.

“I am really proud of the new songs,” said Adler. “Fred did a great job on these tracks, we are really looking forward to playing this stuff live!”

“We are really happy with the way these songs came out,” added ADLER’S APPETITE guitarist Alex Grossi (also of QUIET RIOT). “I think people who liked [previous single] ‘Alive’ are really going to dig ‘Stardog’ and the song ‘Fading’ shows a mellower side of the band’s songwriting, I cannot wait to finish up the entire record.”

ADLER’S APPETITE‘s current lineup is rounded out by guitarist Michael Thomas (FASTER PUSSYCAT), bassist Chip Z’nuff (ENUFF Z’NUFF) and vocalist Rick Stitch (LADYJACK).

For more information, visit





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