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Both songs here came from the concept album The Elder released November 16, 1981. The Elder was an ill-fated but solid attempt by my childhood heroes to recapture some of their earlier glory and to be taken more seriously by the music establishment. Not who KISS was or ever should have tried to be…conformists.

KISS introduced and indoctrinated me in the world of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music because they were incredibly groundbreaking, shocking, and anti-establishment. They scared the CRAP out of most adults and that’s why most of us loved them! They should have kept stretching the boundaries of acceptance rather than trying to belong. Something they fought throughout the 80’s and still seem to struggle with. Do they want in…or out?

That’s a topic for another day though.

Like most KISS releases I bought The Elder nearly as soon as it came out, hopeful it was a return to the crunch and power of classics like Rock and Roll Over. It wasn’t. Although I did enjoy it more than their previous LP, Unmasked.

The Elder felt forced to me and lacked the punch of and power of mid-70’s KISS.

Seeing these forgotten performances leads me to think that if they’d kept their “live” edge on The Elder it would have been more successful because these songs sound pretty darn good here.

I hope you enjoy this flashback to 29 (DANG!) years ago today. I know I did.

On this day in KISStory – January 15, 1982, KISS performed live on the ABC network show ‘Fridays’ to promote of the ‘Music From The Elder’ album.



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