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The Big Four DVD Review

Clash of the Titans. 1991. San Diego, California. Alice in Chains. Anthrax. Slayer. Megadeth. Until earlier this year the most legendary, especially if you were there, thrash/heavy metal lineup ever.
I wasn’t there and regret it to this day. But, thanks to the passage of time, the healing of old, old wounds, and the remarkable technology we have now that we didn’t have then we can experience an even bigger show right in our own living rooms.
One of my best friends did go to Clash of the Titans that year in San Diego and still talks about it today. Just like you’ll be talking about this DVD with your friends after you watch it. Without giving too many spoilers I’ll say the lineup is ON!
The first DVD has the Anthrax, Megadeth, and Slayer performances and I was blown away by all three but especially Slayer’s. They showed me why they belong among the BIG FOUR.
Disc Two is all Metallica and it is a massive two hour romp for the boys and a reminder of why they are the biggest of the BIG FOUR-the Songs Man…the Songs. Metallica culls songs from across their nearly thirty, yeah, thirty year career and nails everyone of ’em.
If you’re looking to fill five and a half or six hours of your life with some of the best metal performances ever captured in one package, this is a great way to do it.
Keep an eye and an ear out for a couple special moments too.
This DVD set is a real treat for any metal fan.

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