One of the first of the sure to be many posthumous Ronnie James albums to be released. A strong live album showing Mr. Dio early in his post Sabbath days. The first disc is the recording of the very first live show the Dio band performed after the release of their first album. It is a fine testament to the brilliance of Ronnie James and a powerful showcase for his burgeoning solo career. To have in your hands such a historic piece of metal is more than enough reason to buy this double disc but the quality of the recording, the band, and the VOICE make it a must have for all metal fans.

Disc two is Dio phase two and four years later on the same stage he debuted on. The band sounds even better on this disc, especially the guitar work of Craig Goldy. This double live disc is a terrific blast from the past and a great way to get to know one of the finest metal singers who ever lived.

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