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Category: essential metal albums


This is my very first post regarding the Grammy Awards and may very well be my last. As is the custom ever since the Jethro Tull/Metallica fiasco of 1989 the […]

CLIFF BURTON 1962-1986

You can all thank an old Navy buddy of mine, Mr. John Shelton, for reminding me that today is the birthday of one of the greatest bass players who ever took the stage, […]


Hey again Metalheads and Wanna-Be Metalheads, Here are more videos to match my Essential Metal Albums list. Part Two includes a song from each of the second ten “Essentials.” Hit […]

METALHEADS! Essential Metal Videos Part One

Hey Metalheads and Wanna-Be Metalheads, Here are videos to match last month’s Essential Metal Albums list. I picked a song from each of the first ten “Essentials.”  I’ve also included a bonus […]


This is something I wrote the day Dime was killed and I haven’t shared it with many. Until Now. I hope it helps us all remember what he gave to […]