I had to look twice to believe it! In all my headbanging years (40 plus) I've never seen this and it warmed my heart.

HMM & DEANO – Concert Business Boomerangs

The Heavy Metal Messenger & Deano talk about the recent spate of concert cancellations due to Covid-19. They also talk a bit about more fun stuff, like the best new rock and hard rock music from 2021 so far.

HMM & DEANO Episode 1- Banana Boy

A fun, loose, real world driven talk that focuses on two guys in a garage talking about their week with family, work, wives, lives, cars, guitars, and whatever rolls around. Hard rock and heavy metal music is nearly always featured too. In this episode Deano talks about his son's amusement park banana, HMM reveals the day his ex-wife puked all over him while riding the Tilt-A-Whirl, and they even get to talk about upcoming live rock concerts that are coming. Talk that's different.