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AC/DC “Rock or Bust.” Best AC/DC Album Since For Those About To Rock?

Rock-or-BustFirstly, Shame, shame, shame on all of you Hard Rock and Metal fans that haven’t bought this album yet!

Secondly, HOLY CRAP is this album good. This is easily the best work the boys from Down Under have done since “The Razor’s Edge and in my opinion, probably the best since For Those About To Rock. Yeah, it’s that good.

I haven’t enjoyed an AC/DC disc this much since the early 80’s and dare I say, since Back in Black. Rock or Bust has already earned a permanent place in my AC/DC rotation and will be at the top of my list when I am ready for an AC/DC fix for quite some time.

If the only tracks you have heard so far are “Play Ball,” and Rock or Bust,” and aren’t intrigued enough to lay down your hard earned cash you best get intrigued NOW! It will be the best Christmas gift you can give yourself or any of your hard rock friends. The aforementioned tracks are the weakest on the disc and are quite respectable rockers in their own right but once you get into the meat of the record you will hear some of the tastiest riffs Angus has laid down since Back in Black.

The boys have their swagger back and show it off loudly and proudly in what I consider to be classic AC/DC songs already:

I am particularly fond of “Got Some Rock and Roll Thunder,” and “Baptism by Fire,” which sweat, swing, and swagger as well as any songs they’ve ever recorded. While “Dogs of War,” will tear your head off if you’re brave enough to crank it up.

Two other tracks have earned a spot among my favorite AC/DC song of all-time: Hard Times,” and “Rock the House.” Count ’em….FIVE new AC/DC songs that are as good as anything they’ve recorded since 1980. If that isn’t worth a measly ten to fifteen bucks of your hard earned dough then it’s gotten TOO LOUD for you ’cause you’re TOO OLD and it’s time to dust off your wife, girlfriend or sisters Bee Gees or Village People collections and chill with the ladies.

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