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John Corabi Track by Track Discussion of Motley Crue Self-Titled Album Available (Audio)

A fellow blogger has asked that I share this conversation with you heavy metal messenger fans and followers. I happily do so as the self-titled album by Motley Crue is one of my faves and a must listen for th​ose who haven’t heard it before and those who have, it’s time to crank it to 11 and do so again!

Motley Crue self titlted
The Decibel Geek Podcast has released a 2 part long-form discussion with John Corabi about the creation and recording of Motley Crue’s self-titled album from 1994.

In PART 1 of this Albums Unleashed special, Corabi lays the groundwork into the story of the album with recollection of his audition process, pre-production for the album, and the maddening, yet rewarding, experience of working with legendary producer Bob Rock.

John also shares revelations into the decision-making process of Motley Crue at that time; choosing to abandon the previously-blazed path of lyrics about rock and roll decadence and focus on delivering an album that’s powerful not only musically but thought-provoking in its exploration of dark social commenatary. Tracks discussed in part one of this discussion include ‘Hammered,’ ‘Power to the Music,’ ‘Uncle Jack,’ and ‘Hooligan’s Holiday.’ Also covered in this episode is information on John’s current plans to perform the Motley album in-full at select upcoming dates with his band that includes guitarists Jeremy Asbrock, Josh Dutoit, bassist Topher Nolen and John’s son Ian Corabi.

In PART 2, the conversation picks back up with the creation of lead-single ‘Hooligan’s Holiday.’ From there Corabi describes the creative process for each song on the album; highlighting the motives for the lyrics as well as some surprising revelations about the origin of some of the music on the album and a story about Glenn Hughes’ involvement in the recording for Misunderstood.

Other topics touched on in this long-form discussion include
the much-talked-about MTV interview that strained the network’s relationship with the band, the possibility of the band changing their name during the making of the album, one song that was re-written for the album five times and another that was almost torpedoed by record company politics; leading to a fight from the band for its inclusion.

Link to Part 2:

The Decibel Geek podcast is available weekly on iTunes. Official website

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