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Heavy Metal Messenger & Deano


After spending nearly six months with Men of Honor, my appreciation for Adrenaline Mob has only grown. Each listen to this album adds another layer of respect for what’s been accomplished on this disc. It is still C, while Tesla’s newest, Simplicity is a close second and Sebastian Bach’s Give ’em Hell ranks third.

All three albums are highly recommended for inclusion in any self respecting hard rock and heavy metal aficionados collection.

Therefore, I’ve decided to republish this original post from regarding the time, not so long ago, when Men of Honor, was just an exciting pre-release, not yet my Metal Album of the Year (so far).

I am a BIG  fan of Adrenaline Mob. 

Their first album Omerta, released in the fall of 2011 was simply a killer warm up for what what has become my most anticipated new album of 2014, Men of Honor

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