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An update to my original post from a couple years ago. I hope you enjoy my little tribute to a couple of my favorite metal musicians of all-time.

Heavy Metal Messenger & Deano

Eric Carr’s Birthday

Remembering Eric Carr on his 64th Birthday

This Saturday past would have been Eric Carr’s 64th Birthday. Eric was born July 12, 1950 in Brooklyn, NY. Eric was responsible for the heavy John Bohnam inspired drumming on Kiss’ return to heavier rock with Creatures of the Night in 1982. Eric recorded eight Kiss albums including Smashes, Thrashes & Hits in 1988 where he re-recorded Beth for the soundtrack for the motion picture ‘Beautiful Girls.’ Eric was also responsible for his ‘in development’ cartoon characters, ‘the Rockheads,’ with whom he was creating with longtime Kiss associate, Adam Mitchell. Eric passed away November 21, 1991 at age 41 after a year long battle with cancer.

Eric is interred in Cedar Hill Cemetery in Newburgh, New York.

Eric’s solo from Animalized: Uncensored 1984 from Detroit, Michigan:

Legendary heavy metal vocalist Ronnie James Dio, best known for his work with

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