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If you missed this before, it’s not too late!

Heavy Metal Messenger & Deano


Halestorm-The-Strange-Case-Of Cover


Hard, fast, heavy rock and roll led by a smokin’ hot lead singer with a bad attitude. Sounds like a match made in rock and roll heaven. It is.

From the opening beats from Arejay Hale’s acrobatic drumming to the crunchy guitars and rock solid repertoire of voices Lzzy Hale can call upon this album just plain rocks.

Track one gets the album off to a killer start. “Love Bites(So Do I),” is simply the best rock song of 2012.

The music stays strong throughout and track two, “Mz. Hyde,” is another fantastic rock song.

“I Miss the Misery,” and “Freak Like Me,” continue the theme of great rock songs on a truly great rock album. Make sure you keep the volume up!

Although things lighten up a bit for the next few tracks as far as the music the lyrics are still…

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