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You remember those black and yellow spandex clad Christian metallers, yeah, that Stryper. They have mounted a little comeback in recent years and this disc completes a full on metal re-emergence.

No More Hell to Pay is packed with crunchy, tasty riffs, by Michael Sweet and Oz Fox and rock solid and at times impressive performances from bassist Tim Gaines and drummer Robert Sweet.

The most impressive and remarkable work is done by Michael Sweet though. His vocals are a master course in classic metal, his guitar work is absolutely stellar and his songwriting has never been more inspirational. Put the entire package together and it adds up to some serious headbanging time.

STRYPER has been consistently good and at times great over the past three plus decades but it’s been a while since they’ve put together a great album. Well they’ve done it again with No More Hell to Pay. It’s so good that it’s the first STRYPER disc I’ve spent money on since the late 80’s. In fact it’s been so long since I spent my own dough on a STRYPER recording it was the pre-CD era and I bought To Hell With the Devil on cassette.

To Hell With the Devil is the last truly GREAT STRYPER album and boasts such classics as “Free,” “Calling on You,” and “Honestly.” To Hell With the Devil, is considered one of the landmark albums of the glam metal movement and is a Grammy nominated multi-platinum success that was the best selling Christian metal album of all-time until P.O.D.’s Satellite surpassed it in 2001.

I believe No More Hell to Pay is nearly as good as To Hell With the Devil, maybe better.

Do yourself a favor, watch the video then run out or click this link  and get your copy NOW!

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