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I’ll begin by admitting I am a long, long time KISS fan. I have been following, rooting for, raging against, defending, ranting, chanting, buying, not buying, been proud of, and embarrassed by my favorite band of all-time. I wish they had never done the CRAZY NIGHTS (embarrrased) album and HOT IN THE SHADE isn’t exactly an album I hold up as evidence of KISS prowess.

I also feel the need to share that I was extremely excited when the originals reunited and they were about to release PSYCHO CIRCUS. I  like PSYCHO CIRCUS but it never became a regular part of my listening because, quite frankly, KISS has so much better music to listen to. I am a big fan of REVENGE, probably the best work they did post makeup, while LICK IT UP is a pretty dang strong contender for that title. I love both of those discs!

I also really liked CARNIVAL OF SOULS but most of KISS best work was undoubtedly done pre-1978.

That was 34 years ago!

34 years of waiting for another KISS Klassic.  MONSTER is just that, a KISS Klassic that can be added proudly to the pre-1978 canon of Klassic KISS.

This is the best work Paul and Gene have done in over three decades and the best work Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer have ever done. Yeah, even better than Eric’s work in BADLANDS.

Unexpectedly, unequivocally, unbelievably good is MONSTER.

By now you’ve probably heard the opening track Hell or Hallelujah, a strong opener that hints at some of the glorious moments ahead. Building momentum from the opening track is the bombastic Wall of Sound, a riff heavy ride that in which Gene Simmons sounds as if he’s trying to cement the wall of sound with his vocals. Triumphant!

Track three is where things get really interesting and really, really good. Freak  is a fantastic, empowering song for all of us outsiders and one of four tracks on MONSTER that I think are new KISS Klassics. Thank you Paul.

The second KISS Klassic on the disc is Shout Mercy. Another Paul Stanley penned anthem that sways, swings and rock and rolls like only KISS can do while nodding to some of the greatest rock and roll ever made.

KISS Klassic three: Gene Simmons The Devil Is Me. It is one of the most personal and honest songs Gene has written in decades as he sheds  the persona of Gene the rock star long enough to create more legend for himself and KISS. I simply can’t hear this song enough.

My favorite track, at least the past few days, has been Last Chance. The last song on MONSTER and a song I just can’t get out of my head.

Greatness has returned to the KISS camp after a long wait for us old fogey original fans and I couldn’t be happier.

In fact, I am downright fuckin’ giddy about it!


Here is a track a lot of critics are raving about. I love this song too.

KISS – Long Way Down (From MONSTER)

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