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One of my all-time fave hard rock vocalists, with possibly the most recognizable backup voice in hard rock history? This could be really, really, good. Throw in rock steady thunder god Carmine Appice and as yet to be determined guitarist (I think Michael Schenker would be an excellent choice) and we could have another BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION or CHICKENFOOT on our hands.

According to, legendary singer Joe Lynn Turner (pictured below; RAINBOW, DEEP PURPLE, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN) is rumored to be putting together a new supergroup. This time he is apparently hooking up with drummer Carmine Appice (KING KOBRA, VANILLA FUDGE, OZZY OSBOURNE, BLUE MURDER) and bassist Michael Anthony (CHICKENFOOT, VAN HALEN), with a guitarist yet to be announced. The group plans to write and record new music in the vein of classic ’70s rock artists such as FREE, BAD COMPANY, LED ZEPPELIN and DEEP PURPLE.

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