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Something fun and quite cool to chill with on this hot summer Sunday. So grap a cup of coffee or whatever wakeup stimulant floats your boat and prepare to smile big for the next twelve minutes. If the sound of great guitar riffs makes you as happy as they make me you’re going to be grinning like the cat who ate the proverbial canary.

Chicago guitarist, Alex Chadwick plays 100 famous rock licks in chronological order without breaking a sweat. The video shows Alex blazing through “Smoke on the Water,” “Day Tripper,” “Satisfaction” and others, all in one 12-minute take.

“They all kind of spring from the same well,” Chadwick tells NPR’s David Greene. “Those artists were building off of each other over time, so it kind of does work naturally.”

Enough talk, lets rawk!!!!!

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