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It’s the kind of thing where it represents who you are,” he said. “Who are you? We don’t know. Sometimes our music speaks for us so this album – as Joe Perry said on one of his solo records – ‘Let the music do the talking,’ and this one does.”


Tyler added, “Your album is like a wave, and you ride that album all the way and see what you got. Hopefully we have three or four deep, which means radio play . . . Jack Douglass and I and Joe . . . we worked this thing for the last year, and we’re so happy about it.”


Music From Another Dimension track listing:


1. What Could Have Been Love
2. Beautiful
3. Street Jesus
4. Legendary Child
5. Oh Yeah

6. We All Fall Down
7. Another Last Goodbye
8. Out Go the Lights
9. Love Three Times a Day (Hello Goodbye)
10. Closer
11. Shakey Ground
12. Lover A Lot
13. Freedom Fighter
14. Up On The Mountain


Music From Another Dimension is scheduled for release on August 28th through Columbia Records.


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