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What’s more rock ‘n’ roll than staggering to your refrigerator, bleary-eyed, for a little hair of the dog first thing in the afternoon? Until now, the answer has been “nothing.” But that was before the introduction of the Marshall Fridge.

At last uniting our shared love of ridiculous volume and refrigerated snacks, the Marshall Fridge offers 4.4 cubic feet of storage, a high-efficiency Energy Star compliant freezer, convenient can storage, and knobs that go to 11 on its authentic Marshall facing. If you’ve ever wanted a fridge that looks like an amp — and we know you have — then there’s really no other fridge for you.

Well, we suppose you’ll need another fridge if you want to hold more than four feet of beer. But that’s fine, because vegetables and cold cuts don’t deserve to enter the hallowed shelves of the Marshall Fridge. And if you really feel like you have to make room for regular food and stuff, good news: at only $299 apiece, the Marshall Fridge is affordable enough to stack.

It’s shipping in early October, so clear some room in your kitchen, dorm, or rehearsal space. The miracle of modern refrigeration has never been so rockin’.

Introducing the Marshall Fridge


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