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(Rolling Stone) — Doobie Brothers drummer Michael Hossack died at his home in Dubois, Wyoming, on Monday at the age of 65.

He had been battling cancer for some time and succumbed to complications of the disease with his family at his side.

Hossack was a member of the Doobie Brothers between 1971 and 1973, playing on several of the band’s best-known hits, including “Jesus Is Just Alright,” “Listen to the Music” and “China Grove.”

“Mike has always been a part of my musical life and the life of the Doobie Brothers,” said Doobie Brothers co-founder Tom Johnson. “He was an incredible musician.”

Hossack returned to the band when they reunited in 1987 and was a mainstay of the group through the next two decades, performing on most of the group’s tours until he took a health leave in 2010.

Hossack, who grew up in New Jersey and served in the Navy during the Vietnam War, is survived by a son and daughter.

“People always ask me if it’s hard to play with another drummer,” Hossack is quoted as saying in his biography posted on the band’s site. “I tell them that after playing along with up to 12 other drummers at once in the drum corps, this is a snap!”

The Doobie Brothers released a statement on Hossack in January, saying he was improving slowly. In 2010, Hossack wrote a message to his fans explaining that, while “it’s been hard not touring with the band,” he had “incredible support” from his family, friends and the Doobie Brothers.

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