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     DRAGONFORCE is another band I am just discovering and really getting into. The fast paced, high energy, precision of their sound is refreshing. Their brand new tune can be streamed below. I think you may agree that the new album is something to look forward to.
     They are a UK power metal band and are offering a preview of their upcoming ‘The Power Within’ disc with a full stream of the new song ‘Fallen World.’
     In addition, the song offers fans the band’s first tune with vocalist Marc Hudson, who was announced as the group’s new singer a year ago. He replaced departed frontman ZP Theart, who parted ways with DRAGONFORCE in 2010.
     ‘Fallen World’ captures the signature DRAGONFORCE sound with its fast-paced guitars and melodic chorus. Guitarist Herman Li states, “This time around we’ve really brought our metal side to the surface and made some of the best music of our career. From the fastest song we’ve ever recorded [‘Fallen World’] to the slower songs, and some things you would never expect from us, this is by far the most diverse DragonForce album yet.”
     The new DRAGONFORCE album ‘The Power Within’ is scheduled to drop April 17.



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