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Archie Meets Kiss Issue FourArchie Comics

Kiss‘s battle against zombies in Riverdale are about to come to an end, with the fourth and final issue of ‘Archie Meets Kiss’ headed to comic book stores next Wednesday (Feb. 22). Don’t wanna wait that long? We’ve got an exclusive sneak peek for you!

We’ve already brought you five-page previews from issues two and three, where many of the town’s teens, including our hero Archie, were turned into mindless zombies. Kiss were able to free their new friend, but last we looked, the battle was far from over.

Judging by this exclusive double-panel spread from the upcoming comic book, it seems we’ve come to the inevitable scene where the music of Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley and company saves the day! “This is awesome! They’re going to destroy those monsters with music!,” exclaims our favorite red (well, orange) head.

It seems things are well in hand, except.. if that’s the case, what’s Betty want to make sure everybody sees? Tune in next week!

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